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Print Production A/S produces circuit boards of all types: single sided, double sided and multilayer up to 20 layers. I nothing else is agreed upon the boards will be produced according to the following standards:


PERFAG 1E, 2F, 3D – UL 796 (94V-0) – IPC-6012E, IPC-A-600K kl. II og III

All boards are examined using Print Production’s own high standards which, among other, include 100 % electrical test and 100 % visual examination.

Data formats

Pattern data

Extended Gerber, Standard Gerber, Gerber X2, DPF, ODB++

Drill/ rout data

Excellon, Sieb & Meyer, Gerber, Gerber X2, DPF, ODB++


Ext. Gerber, Std. Gerber, Gerber X2,DPF, PDF, DXF, HPGL, DWG




Double sided plated

FR4, Rogers

Single- and double sided

FR4, (others upon agreement)



Max 416 x 568 mm

Double sided plated

Max 432 x 582 mm

Single- and double sided

Max 432 x 582 mm

Buildup of multilayer boards

If nothing else is stated by a specification multilayer boards will be build according to Print Production standard stack-up’s

(Click on the desired layer count for more details)


4-layer    6-layer    8-layer    10-layer    12-layer

If a different stack-up is desired it must be described in the PCB specification. We are always available for advice about stack-up’s.

Track width and distances

With respect to basic copper and plating we refer to the relevant IPC and Perfag standards.


Double sided plated

Single- and double sided

17,5 my (approx. 35 my after plating)

0,10 mm

0,10 mm

35 my (approx. 70 my after plating)

0,10 mm

0,20 mm

70 my (approx. 105 my after plating)

0,20 mm

0,30 mm


Smallest drilled hole = 0,2 mm (correspond with a finished hole size of 0,1 mm after plating).

Annular rings for plated boards = min. 0,15 mm.


Photo defineable (liquid film): Clearance min. 0,05 mm. Min. soldermask bridge between pads, 0,1 mm

Screen printed soldermask: Clearance min. 0,1 mm. Min. soldermask bridge between pads, 0,1 mm

Surface treatment

Hot Air Leveling

Lead free Hot Air Leveling

ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold)

Immersion Silver

Nickel/gold plating for contacts

Mechanical work

Routing (standard tool = 2,4 mm)

V-cut (scoring) (30°)

Bevelling of edge connectors


Flying probe test (max. testarea = 685 x 609 mm)

PerfecTest (optimization and registration of inner layers)

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