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HDI – High Density Interconnect

HDI PCB or High Density Interconnect, is a type of circuit board where the use of blind and buried holes can reduce the size of the board considerably.

A blind hole is typically a holes that goes from the outer layer to the closest inner layer.

A buried hole is a plated hole that connects two or more inner layers.

Often these holes are made by using laser drilling technology, but at Print Production we have chosen to use traditional drilling supplemented by a technology called “contact drilling”.

When using contact drilling the exact hole depth is measured from the moment the drill tool touches the copper surface. The hole depth can be controlled to +/- 10 µm.

The result is of a very high quality.

The stack-up and use of blind and buried holes can affect the price of a PCB quite a lot, which is why we recommend that you contact Soeren Tranekaer Christensen for advice on the subject.

Naturally we also supply these products from our skilled Chinese suppliers if the order size requires it.

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