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Quality & Environment


The management is committed to develop and maintain a quality system according to the principles of ISO9001.

It’s the policy of Print Production to inform, educate and actively involve all employees in the quality work. It is demanded from the employees that they follow the business strategy and procedures of Print Production A/S.

It’s a fundamental view that every employee is responsible for his/her own work. Employees are considered a very important source for improvement of products, processes and systems.

The management will ensure that the policy of quality is complied with and developed in accordance with customer demands and product demands

The management will ensure that the quality system is improved continuously by involving employees and by integrating customer demands and wishes.



It is the intention of Print Production A/S always to be a trustworthy and flexible business partner.

We produce circuit boards after the principles in the ISO 9001 standard. Our system is built on procedures that describes all critical processes related to circuit board fabrication.

To ensure optimal production processes we continuously analyze all processes and adjust these if necessary.

Our quality management system is based on an intranet solution that can be accessed by all employees.

The combination of our procedures, our ongoing quality control and dedicated employees contribute to the fact that Print Production A/S are able to supply circuit board in due time and in the right quality and quantity.

Our products are manufactured according to current versions of IPC-6012 and Perfag standards and with relevant UL approvals.

All boards are examined using Print Production’s own high standards which, among other, include 100 % electrical test and 100 % visual examination.



Print Production A/S manufactures customer specific quality products with consideration to employees and to the external environment.

The management will ensure that the quality policy it carried out and developed in accordance with demands from customers and authorities.

The management will ensure a positive development in the environment work by systematic efforts and by informing and involving all employees. As such all employees are involved in reducing the environmental impact of the company.

There will be ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental impact related to material waste as well as the use of water, energy and chemicals. Investments will be made in balance between environment, technology and economy.

Print Production A/S will comply with all relevant legislation and will communicate openly on environment matters towards authorities, employees and other stakeholders.

Print Production A/S will manufacture all products with the intention to avoid damage to the environment. All activities and substances that might be a potential risk to the environment will be investigated and alternative solutions will be considered.


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