Printed Circuit Boards

Print Production A/S is your total supplier of both simple and complex printed circuit boards, including HDI  boards with blind and buried holes as well as virtually all other types of printed circuit boards. We always offer very high quality products, from prototypes with short delivery time, all the way to large production orders.Top quality, delivered on time and at attractive prices.

Service beyond imagination


Print Production A/S today focuses exclusively on sourcing PCB from mainly China - always delivered on time.

We focus on stable and long-term business alliances with our customers and are happy to be involved in product development and consultancy.

We provide this service on all production volumes, from prototypes to large volume production and regardless of where the PCBs are produced.


Many years of experience with sourcing from, among others, China enables us to handle the challenges that inevitably arise in this segment. Unlike most other "traders" on the European market, we have our own equipment for quality control, which ensures that our customers always get the optimal quality.


Unfortunately, we can no longer offer PCB from our own production in Denmark, but we bring the experience we have from 40 years as a production house to our work with sourcing PCB from China and other countries.

We are happy to advise our customers in relation to technical issues which can be decisive for a product's competitiveness and lifespan.